How I use bonus bets and what bookmaker I use to make money in sport betting. Best odds , largest bonus, and fastest paypit


How I started with bonus bets and made a lot of money (+ £ 1000) and how I became pro gambler

When you are a student and have a small budget every pound counts. I followed sports, football in particular and I wanted to bet. For a beginner betting bonuses , free bets are an ideal start. You can learn a lot during that period, and risk is much lower.

In the next few steps I will explain how to use UK bookmakers wisely to take advantage of these bonus bets and betting bonuses. 


Different bookmakers have different rules. So before you decide to bet study these rules and terms & condition very well and then choose the bookmaker that offers the best terms. Often those bookmakers that offer the largest amount of money have very difficult conditions to meet, which often leads to a loss of money.


This is my story how to use new customer betting offers and with smart investing and with smart betting make a good starting bankroll.

Bet365 100 bonus (£ 100 Deposit  £ 100bet credits)

After googling and researching the most common recommendation on the internet was bet365. Also after I bet on many bookies I can tell you that bet365 is the best bookmaker and the easiest to use.

I made a deposit of £ 100 and got 100 bets credits after first match was settled 

I bet £ 100 on one football match and I have luck (luck is an important factor in every start) and with 2.10 odds I won £210.

After that I bet 100 credits and I lost that second bet.  I was unlucky in that bet. With that risky tactic on the start, you need to won one of this two bets. Some friends was lucky and won booth bets. 

I reduced my stake than and bet only 30-40 per single bet

I flipped 5-6 times those bets, but I didn’t earn too much. After all that I have around  £ 250 on my account..

Then I made a withdrawal of £ 150 and left 100 to play in future.

I didn’t have any problems with the withdrawal, I sent all the documents earlier and soon in just a few hours I received 150 pounds on my credit card.



Some bookmakers give a £ 100 bonus as a tony bet, but I wouldn’t recommend them at all.

Their conditions are very difficult to meet and you will almost certainly lose money.

With them you have to play 10x more than the deposit and with at least 1.65 odds each time, before you can make withdraw. For a beginner in betting it is very difficult conditions to make money  and you will probably lose all your money before withdraw.

BANKROLL : £ 250 ( 150 ON CREDIT CARD AND 100 ON BET365)


If you deposit £ 10 on William Hill, you get £ 30 free bets (twice £ 15 free bets which you have to stake at a minimum odds of 1.50 and the deadline is 30 days.

I bet £ 10 for a football match at 1.90 odds. And I missed a couple.

I got 2 bets of £ 15 each. A total of £ 30 free bets. I placed two bets, hit one and missed one. After that I had about £ 28 left in my account.

I was not satisfied with the sports offer. No Asian handicaps and other minor sports.

William Hill is ideal for the major sports of the strongest football league and for the English Premier League, where they have great offers. I bet a couple of bets, but the amount still was around £ 25.

Since I deposit 10 I won £ 25 with bad luck I managed to earn £ 15 thanks to bonus bets and I was happy that I can withdraw that money on my credit card.


I deposit 20 on Unibet.

They had a tempting offer of £ 20 for £ 40, but you get £ 20 for a casino where I was unlucky and lost my casino balance.  I bet on  my frist  bet I lost, but with the bonus bet I still had a free bet on unibet. Unibet for new players is a great bookie with a great selection of offers for different sports. And I very soon went from £ 20 to just £ 150 in just one week. I followed smaller competitions and tipsters that focused on smaller sports like German handball, basketball in Latin America.

It is important to find good tipsters who follow the bigger experts in that league than you, or that you focus on certain competitions that interest you and become experts for those leagues yourself. You can check my article about that here.

BANKROLL :£ 295 credit card and £ 100 bet365

BAD DECISION (first lesson learned)

With other bookie that I try make money from bonus bets and free bets. I bet a parallel at bet365 as well, and I  slowly investing £ 20, 30 on smaller sports without too much risk and I make solid money for me.

Then a beginner’s mistake happened to me as well as to every player.  I raised my stakes a bit, played £ 50-60  per single bet, and I quickly lost bet365 money

I learned a lesson and I became a much smarter. So I decided to take advantage of the bonus offers before I lost everything. Because I liked bet365, when I take advantage of all the free bets and bonuses from other bookie. I decided to make a deposit there again later.

The balance at the bank was still a tempting £ 295 and with 100 deposit that was nice balance.

In a month I gained a lot of experience and I learned how the world of betting works.


In my opinion one of the worst experiences, the odds are small , there are no Asian handicaps, and very difficult conditions for bonus bets. £ 10 if you deposit at odds over 2.00 and if you lose you get £ 10 back. I quickly bet those 10 pounds, due to poor choice I quickly lost that money.

In my opinion there are a lot of better bookmakers, if you play for a smaller amount and famous leagues then you can bet on bwin. But if you want to be serious gambler don’t waste time there


I opened an account ON BETFAIR exchange and I decided to play a slightly different tactic. They offer a refund of £ 20 if you lose that first bet. I realized that I need to shoot higher odds because even if I miss I lose nothing. 

I played a tennis turnaround after my player was losing  1-0 in sets. It was a odds of 4.00 and luckily for me the player turned it around and I won £ 80. If I had missed that bet, they would have given me back those 20 pounds anyway.  

Practically you bet with betfair money.  I really liked the betfair exchange and still very often I bet there. With an average investment of £ 20-30 on tennis. Soon with £ 80 I earned £ 250.

Bank balance in that time was: £ 515.


Another bad betting experience for me. I deposit  £ 50 and got a £ 50 bonus. But I had to overturn that amount 8 times with a minimum odds of 1.80. And the odds are often lower than bet365, they also reject a bet a couple of times. With 20 -30 stakes. It took me a lot of time and nerves to meet all the 10bet conditions. And a couple of times I was very close to losing all my money, but luck saved me a couple of times, so I returned my £ 50 bet. I withdraw off my money with quite a long wait.


With a deposit of £ 5 they give 3 bets of £ 10 each. Played mostly football there, lost 5 pounds, but with 3 x 10 free bets. I won two bets and one was lost. And I still had about £ 20 available. With a £ 5 stake it wasn’t bad to bet on football accumulators with good offer from skybet.  I won one combo bet and got a £ 50 refund. I left that money on account. And sometimes I bet for fun there in the most case football accumulators.

BANKROLL: £ 510 + £ 50 on skybet account


For a £ 5 deposit, you get 4 x  £ 5 free bets that you have to bet on a minimum odds of 1.50. I didn’t hit a so many bets on coral. I was around zero, but thanks to free bets, I withdraw 20 pounds from that account on my credit card


For new users they give a £ 10 bonus and a £ 10 free bet. Again very tough conditions you have to do to withdraw money from BetVictor. You need  to bet at least £ 10 on a 2.00 odds and you get £ 10 at the Casino. You always lose the casino bonus quickly I don’t know anyone else who make  a plus on casino. I also lost £ 10  on sports betting and I lost all the free bets and bonus. Not a bad bookie, My recommendations, but in my case I wasn’t lucky so I switched to some other bookmakers.


I deposited £ 10 and after the bet settled , you get another £ 30 (free bets not included in returns) So I didn’t profit much from free bets, but they have a many sports and league in offer. I was lucky and I make a good run there. With a betting  on Basketball in Qatar I earned over 150 pounds with a small stake of 20-30 pounds. I withdraw £ 100 and since I like the 888sport I left £ 50 on the account

BANKROLL: £ 615 +50 sky bet + 50 888sport


I make a deposit £ 5 and I get 4 free bets of £ 5 each. You need a bet  a minimum odds of 1.50 and ofc free bets are not included in the return of bets. I was not too lucky after 4-5 days of betting, and after using all the free bets and normal ones. I had only £ 10 in my account that I withdraw from account


I decided to deposit £ 10, and go with the tactic of playing higher odds because in case of a miss I get that money back. I played a tennis 3.50 odds that I missed, and got 10 pounds back as a free bet. I played that on the football I hit and I have about £ 20. I played 20 on handball, and bet won  and then I had £ 38 on my account. Which I deposit quickly and efficiently.

The account balance at the time was £ 658 +50 skybet +50 888 sports


With a minimum deposit of up to £ 10, it is possible to win £ 30 of free bets. Terms and condition are not so difficult.  The first bet must be at least at 1.75 odds to unlock free bets. Again risk tactics and 4 odds that I bet  but missed this time. However I got 30 free bets, which were very successful and overturned £ 30 into £ 50.


I made a £ 20 deposit, and decided on a risky tactic to play a higher odds, which this time I won a tennis bet, and I quickly had £ 80 in my account. I didn’t need a free bet, but if I had missed I would have gotten £ 20 back. With £ 80, I continue a bet  and with ten days of play, with an average bet of £ 30, I came up with £ 200. After I send all documents I deposit all money from Paddy power.

BANKROLL: £ 878 +50 skybet +50 888sport


Very complicated terms & conditions on boylesports, and here I quick lost my deposit £ 25, I got free bets, but I also lost. Bad luck on that site. 5 bets with 5 stake that  I played I lost everything. Then I deposit another £ 75, and played three bets of £ 25 each, and really luck left me at that point and I lost everything. A total of £ 100 lost, not so much Boylesports fault as my personal. Didn’t like that bookie so I quit. 


With a minimum deposit of £ 20, you get 50 bonus ( 10 bets of £ 5 each.) On Bethard luck smiled on me and I won first few combo bets, and soon I came to 200 pounds in just 6 days.

I kept playing because I liked the bookmaker, increased the stakes a bit to £ 40, and I had £ 300 after 10 days. Which I withdraw  off without any problems after sending all the documents.

BANKROLL : 1058 Pounds +50 sky bet +50 888 sports.

After I earned over £ 1000 in three months only playing bonus and free bets. I stopped with that practice, there were few bookmakers left that gave good free bets and good bonus, and I had a good bankroll to start betting normal. 


It takes a lot of effort and perseverance to make money with bonus bets and free bets.. Especially in the beginning, luck is important factor you need to hit good run and later it is much easier when the bankroll is higher.

It is very important that you always read the terms & condition for every bookie. 

For beginners  best bookie for me is:  bet365 bookmaker which is the best in every way. 

Other bookmakers I still use today are:  Unibet, Sky bet, Betfair exchange and 888. The problem is that later most of these bookmakers limit you, but that is a discussion for another blog.

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